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How to Practice Career Aptitude Test

The necessity of such test are generally used to get admission in professional institutions where it’s very important to read the mind of student that whether he is capable of doing so or not? So every aspect of questions is targeted in the test including academic subjects and general knowledge. To take optimum marks in these tests requires more attention and concentration, it also depends how did you pass your exams so far and how much you have learned so far?

Now question arises how to do the preparation?  Two basic theorems are behind its preparation i.e.

  • Frequent test practicing
  • Technique to attempt questions

As far as first theorem is concerned, it directs that Practice Makes Man Perfect; do practice tests as much as possible by attempting sample tests and past tests. It is also good practice to take free online tests which are available at various sites, these tests help you to improve your knowledge and make your speed fast.

On the other hand, the technique or special skill that is necessary for attempting any kind of entry level test is followed by how much practice you have done? To get efficient the main points to keep in mind are:

  1. Read and listen the instructions carefully i.e. how to mark the answers, which type of pen you have to use, how much time you have to attempt the test and like that because majority of these tests are not examined manually hence required accuracy.
  2. First of all try to answer those questions which you know, then attempt those which you are not much sure and leave the rest of the questions. Now count how much questions you have answered and is the total enough for you to pass the test easily? But the marks you have estimated should be greater than the minimum marks to keep you on safe side.
  3. Don’t ever try to attempt questions which you didn’t practice or not in your knowledge because in such tests there are negative marking also which may create difficulty in passing the test. But in case there is no instruction for negative marking you can attempt these queries in EXCESS TIME ONLY!   
  4. If you have multiple choice queries then educated guesses are worthwhile i.e. leave out the most odd ones and try to select the right choice which your six sense says.
  5. In mathematics section, you will need to practice simple calculations like multiplication, division, etc orally rather than using calculators because in most of the exams calculators are not allowed or basic function calculator are allowed. In these cases you will have to get quick as much as possible by putting estimated answers on the paper.
  6. In the end you will have to check thoroughly what you have done in your test before returning the paper and make sure you finish your work just before 15 minutes so that you will have time to examine yourself.

In addition with above practices and techniques, another most important thing is to keep your mind cool as much as possible because make yourself confuse and panic during the test could never be turn into good result. So be relax and try to build up self confidence.   

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