Career Guide

Selection Of Right Institution

The second step which comes after one has gone through his career exploration phase, is to select the Right Institution. The college search or university search needs bit of more search than you have done before because at this stage you don’t have enough knowledge about any institution. It’s not a big deal if you set the following criteria which decide what institution is best suited for you.

  • First of all make up your mind regarding location i.e. whether you want to resume study in your home city or state or you want to go somewhere else to continue your education…….

  • When you have done this then actually your finding starts here, try to find out local institutions that offering the desired courses you want to study…..
  • Keep searching and find out the stats or previous results of these colleges or universities, if they have 75% or more output then mark those institutions….

  • Try to find out the faculty strength and experience of the marked colleges or universities, if an institution has experienced qualified teachers then it will provide you better guideline during study period.
  • Now point comes where you have to set criteria like:

    1. If you have no issue on distance or you can manage travelling long distances then choose the best one for you otherwise try to find out the nearest possible institution marked earlier.
    2. If you have any financial issue then select institution which seems to be more economical for you.
These points are important while doing graduate school search because at this stage usually students did not have any practical experience and knowledge to perform college/university search in right way. Therefor, it is important to pay attention on right selection of career along with institution while building your career so that you can do apptitude test practice thoroughly.

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